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Course Outline

The following is a brief description of the topics that the workshop will cover:
Topic 1: Introduction to Molecular Biology
Topic 2: Introduction to Bioinformatics
Topic 3: Pairwise Sequence Alignment
Topic 4: Multiple Sequence Alignment
Topic 5: Phylogenetic Trees
Topic 6: Gene Prediction
Topic 7: RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
Topic 8: The Human Genome Project
Topic 9: Medical Genomics and Personalized Medicine
Topic 10: Medical library tools
Topic 11: Bioinformatics tools and platform: Blast and Galaxy
Topic 12: Microarray analysis
Topic 13: Basic bioinformatics tools: Primer design, Translation and Restriction analysis
Topic 14: Structural Modeling and Proteins Dynamics
Topic 15: Examples of Computational Drug Screening Techniques

Number of Participants

Theoretical and Practical classes: Maximum 60

Registration deadline & fees

-Registration deadline: January 4th, 2013, before midnight (GMT)

-Registration fees:

Students: 600 DH (60 Euros)

Non-Students: 800 DH (80 Euros)

The fees include the course fee, the hands-out course material, lunches and refreshment. Gala dinner is not included. Travel, accommodation, and local transportation are in charge of individual participants.


Payment could be made in cash (please contact Yassine by phone: 0 661 253 295) or by making a bank transfer to the following account:

Assoc. ISAAD: 1590215W651 Crédit Agricole / Agence Fès Boramana

Please include your full name and the mention ‘IBI2013’ in the transfer form and send a scan of the bank transfer by mail by email ( befor January 3rd at midnight.

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