Organizing Committee

Khalid SADKI, PhD., Faculty of Sciences, Rabat, Chair

Hassan GHAZAL, PhD., University Mohammed First, Oujda/Nador, Co-Chair

Saaid AMZAZI, PhD., Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Rabat

Noureddine BOUKHATEM, PhD., Faculty of Sciences of Oujda, Oujda

Yassine SOUILMI, PhD Student, Faculty of Sciences, Rabat

Amal MOHSINE, PhD Student, Faculty of Sciences, Rabat

Imane ALLALI, PhD Student, Faculty of Sciences, Rabat

Oussama BADAD, M.Sc., Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II, Rabat

Kamal MARZOUKI, MD candidate, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rabat

Zineb QMICHOU, PhD Student, Faculty of Sciences & Technics, Mohammadia

Mohammed BENHAFID, American Society for Microbiology Ambassador for Morocco, Rabat

Souad CHAQSARE, National Institute of Hygiene, Rabat



From USA:

National Library of Medicine (NLM, NIH,Bethesda,MD,USA)

From Morocco:

Faculty of Sciences, University Med V-Agdal, Rabat

University Mohammed First, Oujda/Nador

Moroccan Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

ISAAD Association (Initiatives-Santé et Aide ADéveloppement)